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Restorative Dentistry

Good oral health always ensures better overall health because our teeth, tongue and gums are the first to encounter and process the food we eat. If one loses their teeth or goes through surgery, timely dental repairs and prostheses are essential for basic oral function.

At Family Dentist Sherwood Park, we offer restorative dentistry services for clients of all ages. From dental crowns and bridges that protect and restore teeth to partial dentures restoring space and function, our team will guide you through each process and ensure your satisfaction at every level regardless of the type of treatment you undergo.


To know more about our restorative dentistry services, get in touch with us today.

Our Services

Take a look at what we offer:

a view of dental crowns

Dental crowns

A crown may be recommended post root canals, for damaged or diminished teeth, or even teeth that have already been repaired with a large filling. It helps to shield the tooth from further breakage which can leave it irreversibly damaged. A tooth impression is taken and the crown is manufactured in a dental lab over approximately 8 days, after which it is cemented on the tooth.

a view of dental bridge

Dental bridges

Broken or fallen teeth leave unshapely gaps between the remaining (or “abutment”) teeth, and it is recommended that this be corrected as soon as possible to prevent tipping and over eruption of teeth along with bone loss and soft tissue changes. Gaps are closed with a bridge, which uses the support of the adjacent teeth or implants. The bridge will aid in restoring oral function, helping you to eat and speak with ease. Dental bridges do require a little extra attention when flossing, the patient must use a floss threader to thread the floss under the bridge. If flossing is ignored the abutment teeth can decay causing the bridge to fail.

a view of partial dentures

Partial dentures

When a number of teeth are missing, removable partial dentures prove useful in filling the large gaps and can be an affordable option to replace several teeth. Partials include a cast metal framework with clasps and attached hard pink acrylic (for soft tissue appearance) and artificial teeth. They are a great option to restore lost volume (vertical dimension) and facial tone from multiple missing teeth. Dentures are detachable and should be removed at night in order to keep them clean and allow the oral soft tissue to rest.

a view of dental implant crown

Dental implant crowns

Dental implants give the appearance of natural teeth by replacing the root portion of a missing tooth with a titanium implant. They are then restored with a screw-retained or cemented implant crown. The advantages to dental implant crowns are that they resemble a natural tooth without filing or cutting into its neighbouring tooth. They can be a long-term solution to missing teeth without the hassle of removing an appliance such as a partial denture. They are easy to clean and maintain with good oral hygiene habits, but they can fail just like natural teeth if left unattended.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Choose porcelain veneers for a natural appearance.

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